hard alloy rod mill company

The customer sets the target of 40 holes, each with one tool and two RHSP. They pulled AMC drill reamer after 80 holes. The consensus was that the tool would drill 120 holes, but since it had exceeded 100% expectations, they decided not to risk blowing a hole.

An international injection molding company is introducing a new product that requires a more efficient manufacturing process. Their process is to use the grooves of the hg-13 steel to complete the grooves and then pour the grooves – three steps. Insert the heating element into the slot.

AMC tool engineers studied the process and developed the tool geometry to simplify the three-step process to one step. He created a blueprint, and AMC tools performed a test to adjust the operation.

AMC’s hard alloy rod mill is now rough, complete, and chamfered in a process. In addition to the reduction steps (including the number of tools involved), AMC tool solutions cut the machine cycle time by more than half (from 90 minutes to 40 minutes), and tool life increased by 25 percent.

AMC is good at developing process-specific tools. This requires a unique tool design approach, a combination of understanding of the application process, and extreme mastery of tool geometry and grinding principles.

Many of the innovations that have become industry standards, such as double-margin drilling, reamer, AMH12FH composite drill and diamond coated compression routers, are all derived from application-specific tools.