thread cutter-thread machining tool,carbide thread cutter

For small diameter thread processing applications, such as an aviation business, need to be processed in an aluminum pieces of 50 M1.6 × 0.35 thread, blind hole, the customer encountered the problem is that because of the blind hole, chip difficult, so the use of tap Processing, tap easy to break; due to tapping for the last process, such as parts scrap, the loss of the parts spent a lot of processing time. Finally, the customer chooses the thread cutter with M1.6×0.35 thread, Vc (line speed) = 25m / min, S (speed) = 4900 r / min (machine limit), fz (per feed) = 0.05mm / r, the actual processing time 4 seconds / thread, a tool to complete all 50 pieces of workpieces.

A knife body production enterprises, because the hardness of the knife body is generally HRC44, for the blade of the small diameter threaded hole, the use of high-speed steel tap processing, more difficult, shorter tool life, easy to break. For M4x0.7 thread machining, the customer chooses the integral carbide thread cutter, Vc = 60m / min, Fz = 0.03mm / r, processing time 11 seconds/thread, tool life 832 threads, thread finish is very good.