cutting tool for aerospace manufacturers

AMC’s approach to tool design and manufacturing is application-specific. For some applications, such as composite materials, manual applications in difficult locations, and metal/composite stacks, we recommend taking additional steps. AMC two-stage reamer produces very good holes that meet the strictest quality standards and little or no export burrs. Depending on your application, we can customize any advanced reamer of any geometry based on your application.

The three-stage reamer design for the Boeing 787 project is designed to produce very tight tolerances on composite materials and composite material stacking, such as CFRP/titanium. These three stage reamer use two steps and lower transition angles to eliminate layering because the tool exports composite materials. Its reduced cutting force makes the tool ideal for renaming titanium.

As aerospace manufacturers continue to demand stronger, lighter materials, other industries such as cars and sports/entertainment are following suit.

Manufacturers who deal with advanced materials are aware of composite materials and are prone to complex problems during drilling because of their nature. In the production of the next generation of tight tolerance holes, the removal, fiber breakage and uncut fibers are just a few of the problems. People with knowledge of advanced materials continue to rely on AMC to solve these inherent problems.

To respond to continued demand for higher efficiency, AMC has developed a single cutting tool that can perform three functions in a single channel, ream and countersink. AMC’s application-specific approach applies to the increased complexity of torque during the transition from drilling to the counter, as well as the special needs of aluminum, titanium, or composite (separate and stacked).

AMC is good at developing process-specific tools. This requires a unique tool design approach, a combination of understanding of the application process, and extreme mastery of tool geometry and grinding principles.

This “mushroom cutter” is a hard alloy milling cutter named for its shape, which is used for precision high speed aluminum alloy cutting. Because of its size and tolerance, it’s hard to make. This tool plays an important role in aircraft manufacturing. When previous tool suppliers failed to meet their standards, they turned to AMC.

High quality standards and strict tolerance are part of our business. We can deliver the goods on time, no problem.

Many of the innovations that have become industry standards, such as double-margin drilling, reamer, AHM1R2FH composite rig and diamond coating compression router, come from application-specific tools.

AMC precision the same technology and quality standards apply to every tool, whether it is a standard project or an application-specific tool. So, you can safely stabilize source tools, implement application expectations, always print, always the highest quality.

A retooled tool should provide the same performance and tool life as a new tool. AMC USES the same craftsman and the same precision machine and process to restore the tool to a new state.

The router you use is the most, and you’re ready when you’re in it.

Some of our most popular innovative tool designs have become standard equipment in many industries. To meet the demand, we now manufacture and store these tools for fast delivery. Most off-the-shelf tools can be used with flutes (nearly three inches) to accommodate today’s thicker, more complex composite materials. We can customize any router geometry for your particular application.