cutting tools-CT13350STK cutter,carbide drill

Designed for drilling multiple boards, roto savage stacks cutting tools made using special ID grinding tools cut cylindrical steel columns without leaving the traditional “top hat edges”. “This makes it possible to have multiple slugs inside the cutter, and when the final plate is penetrated, it will be sprayed out cleanly.”

A popular stack board application is the truck framework extension drilling. Combined with RB3330’s low-profile magnetic drilling machine, the CT13350STK cutter is cut into 1-3/8 “to form a system for drilling truck frames and wheel arches. It can be obtained from the diameter of 58-1. The CT23300STK cutter cuts to a depth of 2 inches from 13/16 to 1-1.

Cutting tools of the new gm drill is a kind of carbide drill, it combines a special kind of multipurpose geometry and the advanced coating technology, according to the report to provide reliable, predictable tool life and low cost, especially in the large capacity of a production environment.

The universal drill’s rigid four-point geometry provides the excellent central capability, maintaining the tolerance of 8/9 holes, and is easy to regrind. A polished aluminum coating allows the drill to withstand abrasion, toughness and good chip evacuation.

Applicable to all industrial applications, as well as a wide range of workpiece materials, including steel, stainless steel, and cast the iron, the versatility of gm drills can help reduce tool inventory.

The available drill diameters range from 3 mm to 20 mm, with each increment of 0.1 mm. For effective chip evacuation, 5 x D and 3 x D drilling machines can choose to use the tool coolant. All universal drills can be compatible with the Seco contractile clamps, hydraulic clamps, and precise chuck disks.

For precision cutting tools, its new high – depth drilling (40xd-50xd) has proven to be a great success in deep hole drilling applications. Many users have been able to cut their cycles by 85% and increase their productivity by five times.

Long and deep drilling can be divided into two types: aluminum and grey cast iron series (triple edge), and series for titanium, Inconel and stainless steel (bilaterally). Both of these drills have self-centering function and internal cooling liquid holes for machining without holes. In addition, the drill has a parabolic groove, allowing for higher speed/feed, and efficient evacuation of the chip.

Diameter: 40xD (3.0-8mm) and 50xD(3.0-6.0 mm). Other dimensions may be provided as required.


  • no pecking cycle
  • efficient chip removal
  • reduce processing time
  • tools live longer


  • a parabolic flute
  • Coolant – hole geometry
  • automatic centring function
  • EdgeCut technology
  • high quality PVD coating