PCD tool-PCD / PCBN cutting tools,carbide die end mill

Safe and reliable blade retention plays a key role in PCD tool applications, especially for rotary tools now use wedges in combination with screwdrivers, as well as conical tools as wedges, improving tool fixability. Common thread and pressure plate design. As well as the use of hanging knife rod tool, the pole directly welded PCD blade can provide the necessary rigidity. The rigidity of the tooling device provides a more reliable effect of the PCD tool.
A solid workpiece fixture and a rigid machine, spindle, etc. can also improve processing characteristics. Today’s CNC lathes and machining centers all require the stiffness required for PCD / PCBN cutting tools. When installing new equipment, the processing plant environment must be considered, making the environment more suitable for high-performance PCD / PCBN cutting tools.
A tool that grinds an aluminum car guide, often a combination of a sharp-shaped PCD tool and an ordinary carbide tool, for use in cutting the cast burrs encountered at a certain depth of cut. These cast burrs are easy to continuously impact the PCD blade and carbide die, and eventually, the PCD blade is displaced.