CNC tool-carbide cutting tool,end milling cutter

This year the economic situation is grim, the number of CNC tool industry somewhat affected, but fortunately, business needs are still stable. But more and more enterprises on the precision of CNC tool made more stringent requirements. King Kong tool network chief information officer Luo Baihui pointed out that customers buy tools, in addition to value whether to complete the processing quality, but also pay attention to how to reduce the cost of the workpiece and achieve higher product profits. The service awareness of the tool company is shifted from the tool itself to the whole value chain of the workpiece, so as to minimize the customer’s production cost. For customers, the first choice when the CNC tool is concerned about the quality, and then the price, so the CNC tool industry in terms of versatility, stability and accuracy do better.

Many imported from Japan, the United States, Switzerland, South Korea and other imported CNC tool with a new blade shape, smaller blade size, smaller cutting the main declination and the new clamping structure, by many companies love. In addition, a variety of combinations, dedicated CNC tool is the current automotive, mold and other industries important processing tools. Its most important feature is in a clamping can be completed a number of processing, so the tool management, reduce the cost of tools, etc. have shown a remarkable role.

However, many CNC tool dealers are also clearly aware that the current CNC tool market, domestic NC tool independent research and development capability is weak. In the high-end product development, the use of imitation-based, alternative import policy. This development led to the technology completely dependent on the developed countries, lost the development of the initiative, always follow the people behind. Whether it is a vendor or a manufacturer, we must fully realize this, continue to consolidate the foundation in the development, enhance the ability of independent development, positioning the market, improve the high-end product share.