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The Morse cutting tool has a partner with its popular shearing machine, the new shears. A shearing machine is a common tool of Morse tap, similar to its partner, shearing machine, which is designed to run in a variety of materials to provide a performance production solution.

It has 140 performance points and runs on steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron. It can be passed through 3XD coolant, 3XD non-coolant, and 5XD coolant.

From the company’s new adjustable drilling platform, is for end users, the platform can provide various kinds of products with a wide variety of products, and need a bit, for a variety of drilling applications and workpiece material.

The latest top-level “indexable” platform from our company is a combination of extension and performance enhancement. On a platform, a real multi-problem solver is for end users who need a drill that can be applied to a wide variety of drilling applications and different workpiece materials. Top cutting 4 applications include passing through – and cross – holes, inclined entrance and exit opportunities, 45 corners, semi-cylindrical, concave and chain drills. And four kinds of real cutting edge combined with the company’s technology, significantly improve the speed and supply, as a result, improve the metal removal rate, prolong the tool life, all of which means that a lower cost.

“Process stability is a major challenge, and the driving factor behind it is its development,” said Vivienne Pavlov, the company’s product manager. “The simple implication of process stability is that you can quickly select and successfully apply a tool even if you are not familiar or unstable. The user needs a drill that can be applied to various drilling operations and workpiece materials. Top Cut 4 solves this challenge by reducing performance at a faster rate, making it the cheapest option per side.

The top cut 4 peripheral and center inserts for each feature to achieve excellent central and workpiece insertion. Internal and external (central and peripheral) inserts are obviously unmixed and can be obtained in high-speed applications, high toughness requirements, and high metal removal rates. Special geometry can be used in steel, cast iron and the strengthening of the short plate material cutting edges and steep chip material, or used for the optimization of the chip for stainless steel, long steel chisel groove, and the need for low power consumption.

In addition, the length of the top cut 4 in the metric and inch configurations is 2XD, 3XD, 4XD, and 5XD. The diameter is from 12 to 68 mm (0.473 to 2.5 inches). 8 insert dimensions cover the entire diameter range. The cutting edge of the center and the surrounding cutting edges can work together to make the drill bit more stable and prevent the cutter from drifting on the irregular surface.

Even in the length of 5XD, effective chip evacuation can be performed with deep spirals. Large coolant holes imply effective coolant delivery and extended insertion of life.