PCBN tool-alloy steel cutter,CNC grinding machine

At present, PCBN tool is the largest development area of high hard cutting – with Rockwell hardness of 60 ~ 65HRC, such as gears, shafts and bearings and other automotive engine alloy steel parts finishing. From a traditional point of view, such parts can only be made by grinding. Moreover, the dimensional tolerances of the parts are very small and the surface roughness is very fine. And high hard cutting makes this same result in a CNC lathe can be achieved, and the price is only in the CNC grinding machine processing the same quality parts for the cost of the half, while the maintenance costs of the lathe are also low.

High hard cutting Due to the cutting depth of only 0.3 ~ 0.38mm, available low-cost PCBN tool-shaped tool.

The results of the American Advanced Carboloy Materials Inc. show that the hardened steel parts (60 to 62 HRC) are continuously machined with a knife-shaped PCBN with a surface roughness of 0.2 μm or less.

PCBN tool dry cutting

Although the PCBN tool has enough hardness to resist deformation caused by cutting heat, it is very brittle. If the coolant is added, the blade is cracked due to the temperature drop. Therefore, PCBN cutting tools should be used when the general dry cutting, especially in the case of intermittent cutting, processing must not use the coolant.