PCD/PCBN cutting tool-PCBN overall cutter,alloy cast iron end mill

PCD/PCBN knife has three basic forms: integral, full-sectional, and knife-edge. The larger and thicker new PCBN overall cutter has good wear resistance and impact resistance. The good wear resistance and impact resistance of the cutter are the key means to process the cast iron material with less than 10% ferrite. It is also very important for machining alloy cast iron parts. Once upon a time, such alloy cast iron parts were finished only by grinding.

The cutter must undergo the discontinuous cutting caused by the surface cracks, residual sand and other original surfaces left over from the casting process when processing alloy cast iron. Good wear resistance also plays a large role in the process of precision processing, especially for the workpiece with chromium of 28% ~ 30% and hardness of 68 ~ 70HRC.

The whole PCBN blade has multiple cutting edges on both sides, thus reducing the cost of tooling for unit production. The cross-section is 4.76mm thick, which is thicker than the traditional cutter 3.17 mm, which enables the blade to be installed reliably on the standard gasket type hard alloy blade. Metal processing WeChat, good content, worthy of attention.