high-performance electric drill bit-solid PCD drill,cast iron drilling

The company has launched a high-performance electric drill bit with a high performance of citco/Gardner with a diameter ranging from 1.5 mm to 19 mm. According to the company, the drill bit adopts the tungsten carbide body and the solid PCD drill point to maintain strength and accuracy in drilling composite materials and non-ferrous metal materials. These tools have much longer cutting edges than traditional tools, which are easy to wear when working hard, rough materials.

OSDG Tap&Die(OSDG) announced an increase of 8D to support its hpro-pro- carbohydrate series. OSDG’s hy-carbohydrate training is used for a variety of materials. Their unique points and the geometry of the flute reduced the thrust and chip size. Higher feed and metal removal rates can be obtained by adding cooling functions.

The series of multi-layer TiAlN coating is used to resist thermal cracking, thus improving the wear resistance of traditional coatings. Finally, the common DIN handle size not only improves rigidity but also reduces the number of required tool holders.

The hy-carbohydrate drill series includes the size of three peacekeeping and 5D, while in the process of solids and cooling, there are only 8D in the cooling process.

The company’s Calloy rig is part of a new generation of exchangeable tip drills that have recently been used in steel and cast iron drilling.

The Calloy drill 870 can be optimized for applications based on the probability of diameter, step, and length. Holes can be more efficient and closer to the required specifications, making them more suitable for subsequent operations. The highly secure interface between the drill and the tip guarantees reliability and precision, while the rapid and simple change of the tip maximizes the processing time of the activity.

The new cut geometry and grade provide a secure cutting process that allows for improved penetration while maintaining chip control and increasing tool life. GC2234 includes a fine-grained high chromium substrate and a new PVD coating that optimizes the ISO M drilling (stainless steel). The thin AlTiN PVD coating includes enhanced adhesion steps, thereby extending the service life and increasing the anti-cutting force.

The drill has a diameter of 10.00 to 26.65 mm (0.394 to 1.049 inches) and is eight times the diameter of the drill. Each drill has a unique interface size and matching technique for H9 to H10 hole tolerances.