AMC cuttingTOOL


To respond to continued demand for higher efficiency, AMC has developed a single cutting tool that can perform three functions in a single channel, ream and countersink. AMC’s application-specific approach applies to the increased complexity of torque during the transition from drilling to an anti-sink, as well as the special needs of aluminum, titanium, or composite (separate and stacked).

As aerospace manufacturers continue to demand stronger, lighter materials, other industries such as cars and sports/entertainment are following suit.

Manufacturers who deal with advanced materials are aware of composite materials and are prone to complex problems during drilling because of their nature. In the production of the next generation of tight tolerance holes, the removal, fiber breakage and uncut fibers are just a few of the problems. People with knowledge of advanced materials continue to rely on AMC to solve these inherent problems.


We have developed this diamond coating compound drill, which is about 12.5 times faster than the PHCD, and is 4.36 times longer.

AMC has been working at a local machine shop for more than a year and has developed this specialized custom tool to eliminate stress. The tool is part of the global turbine toolkit. Because failure is not a choice, they turn to AMC.

AMC has developed a low-speed spiral router for high-speed CNC composite routing. Depending on the application, we can configure multiple flute changes. With its reduced flute spiral, it cleans the composite fiber with minimal vertical force to prevent layering.

AMC diamond cutting router is suitable for multiple satellite and rocket manufacturer composite materials, and is excellent in manual, numerical control and robotics applications. AMC can cut from fine cutting to rough flute geometry depending on your operation, material and required completion.

The SHP router is a very common composite tool.

Depending on the speed and feed, you can use it as a rough or complete router. With a set of Settings, it can save you time (and therefore cost) and increase production speed by being a single tool.