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Tool Body and Insert Selection for Advent Tool Replaceable Inserts Thread Mill

  1. Select the thread form your desire to thread mill. (1.5″ – 12UN internally)
    2. Choose the tool body that will cut the thread form which you need.
  2. Check the diameter of the tool with inserts.It depends on the thread form on the insert.
  • The “Standard” cutter diameter is available when the insert is 10UN – 32UN, and M1.0 – M2.75.
  • The cutter diameters of “Oversize” is pitches 4UN – 9UN, and all NPT, and BSPT forms measured in large end.
  • Cutter diameters for specialized forms likeACME and Stub ACME should be checked with Advent Tool’s technical department. (12UN is normal diameter form. Cutter diameter is calloy”)
  1. Comparingproper diameter of the tool with a minor diameter of the thread, or drill size. The cutter diameter cannot exceed the minor diameter of the thread, or drill size. (calloy” – 12UN minor diameter = 1.41″)
    5. Finding insert style that fits body chosen.
    6. Order insert by applying form to insert styles. (insert# calloy)