cutting tool designs and manufactures

Multiple flute ensures proper material contact to prevent vibration. The left flute in the shallow layer produces compression effect and prevents layering. Diamond coating and advanced substrate increase tool life.

AMC designed a compression router with advanced oppositional geometry to compress the composite layer. The precision cutting action can prevent the lamination of composite materials. The compressed router has been proven to be successful in application, its tolerance and expensive materials.

AMC tool designs and manufactures RHMS with the same rigorous process, which makes all of our products the most accurate tool for application. Our RHMS is designed for today’s changing manufacturing environment, which features:

The double corner is used to improve the control of the hand and the layering of composite materials.

Custom geometry specific to application operations.

When a hole needs to be completed with a reamer, its precision geometry makes AMC guided reamer one of the best. You can use it for composite, titanium, aluminum, or stack applications. Depending on your application, we can customize any advanced reamer of any geometry based on your application.