Horizontal stretch wrapper

The inquiry and reply about the stretch wrapper?

  • Pipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachinePipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine
  • Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine for rod and barHorizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine for rod and bar 
  • Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineAluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine 
  • Profile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineProfile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine 
  • Spiral Orbital WrapperSpiral Orbital Wrapper 
  • Horizontal Ring Stretch wrapperHorizontal Ring Stretch wrapper 
  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for palletHorizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for pallet 
  • Horizontal Orbital Stretch WrapperHorizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper 
  • Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper with wooden feedingHorizontal orbital stretch wrapper with wooden feeding
  • Furniture stretch wrapping machineFurniture stretch wrapping machine

The row material of the discussing in choose the horizontal stretch wrapper which is to guide you how to choose the proper machine per your need.

I don’t know what you have in stock but the rolls should have the following features :

– for the big machine
o ID 300 ÷ 800 mm
o OD 750 ÷ 1400 mm
o Width 80 ÷ 300 mm
o Weight 20 ÷ 100 kg

– for the small machine
o ID 180 ÷ 300 mm
o OD 300 ÷ 450 mm
o Width 100 ÷ 200 mm
o Weight 1.6 ÷ 15 kg

When you will do the test, please make a video and send to us.
I’m available for any question.

is there any update from you about the possible date of readiness for both wrapping machines? We would like to have them here in Italy by July, so this means that they have to leave your factory by and no later than the beginning of June. How is the situation now?

Both drawings we got were approved. Please, let me have a possible date of readiness.

Small horizontal stretch wrapper machine takes small film roll. The big machine takes big film roll.

It’s necessary to take a roll for one machine. The sizes are simulated by the technician.

Just one size film for each machine,  it can only be OD 100mm  width 60mm  ID 50mm, small roll used in the big machine.

And, it will bring problems.

  1. film packaging efficiency decline
  2. film usage amount increase, more roll change

It’s easy to purchase the film roll in the packing material market. It can cut the roll by any specification.

The best solution for you

  1.  small horizontal stretch wrapper machine

film roll OD 100mm  width 60mm  ID 50mm

  1. movement machine

film roll OD 150mm  width 100mm  ID 50mm

So, what are you caring about?