What are the available products- cutting tools,fpc1 length drill

What are the available products?

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What is fpc6 tapping head?

If you can make use of your fpc7 grinding head, then this will be an economic method. Part of the reduction program is whether you take a shot of e to avoid manual tapping or use, and here we have a knock on your head.

What is fpc9?

We know that if the numerical control machine is on a round head fpc8, then it will be easy to finish. At this point, a fpc9 will need to be used. Three types of click head are provided by fpc8:

The first type is fpc0 tap, the second one is fpc9 tension/compression clip head, and the third is fpc8 automatically turning the head.

What is fpc1 length drill? The electric wire.

In general, most of the material can be used for the general purpose is fpc1 bit length, steel was included, and they are at an economic price, and can also be in the wire size.

What is fpc2 length drill? Letters.

Generally speaking, most materials used in general use the fpc2 length bit, steel is included, and if it is the size of letters, the price is very economical.

What is fpc3 length drill? – part. In general, can be used in most materials is the fpc3 length of general milling drilling machine, steel was also included in this, and from the point of the price, and economy, and can in part size, can also be used.

What is the fpc4 length drill?

Universal milling which can be used in most materials (including steel) is fpc4 length drill. If they are these fpc5 coating cutting tools, they are all sizes, including wires, fractions, letters and metric systems. The designers of these Settings are experts in fpc5.